Microgaming Craps Options

Online gaming industry leader, Microgaming, is well-known for developing highly customizable software. One example of the many customization options found in their software is Microgaming Craps. Some of the features are useful while others are not. Therefore, it is important to learn how to utilize these customized functions to maximize your winnings.

There are two customizable options available in the craps game including:

  • Sound settings
  • Bet settings

Within the sound settings selection, there are four options; game sounds, background sounds, advanced sounds and win sounds. The software allows players to enable or disable each option. New players should experiment with different sound combinations to make the gambling experience more enjoyable.

The game sounds are the shaking and rolling of dice, the background sound contains light chatter and background music; the advanced sounds are commentary on the current game situation and the win sounds which are better suited for online slot games. Players that wish to gamble in silence can simply click the “switch off all sounds” option.

The bet settings menu allows the player to toggle specific bets during a come out roll. These bets include, Hardways, Buy, Place, Come and Big 6 and Big 8. The advantage of this feature is each bet can be addressed individually given the player much more control than at other casinos.

For example, if a player is betting on a Hardway Eight and the point is a six, then if the six is rolled ending the round, the Hardway Eight continues to stand because no decision has been made. If the next round begins with a come out roll, bets are conventionally turned off or not aloud. This is signified by a marker labeled “OFF.” Therefore, the outcome of the roll will, once again, have no effect on the Hardway Eight bet.

Although these options do not make a significant difference in gameplay, they give the player much more control over the virtual environment. This results in a comfortable setting for placing quality bets and can, in turn, become profitable. Most online and all land-based competitors (especially in a busy, noisy casino) do not provide any of these options.

The games Microgaming develops add a little extra advantage to the player. In this instance, these options can make a difference on the mood of the player at the table. Customization of any type of gaming software in favor of the player is always a great feature.