If the plane provides mini-casinos?

More Plane is not the most exciting effort. Despite meals, movies, alcoholic beverages, many airlines offer, these travels can still be very boring – especially when they spend a few hours or when multiple parking lots are required. Airlines can make a long time to add casino games. Mile High Casino will provide an exciting way to pass the time. Of course, the aircraft did not provide a casino gambling option. But they will benefit in the future. This page discusses the feasibility of aircraft casinos and why airlines should consider this idea more seriously. 

The airport offers casinos – why not airline? 

The aircraft may not be enabled in casino games. However, some airports around the world can use slot machines. Las Vegas McCarron International Airport provides a perfect example. It has 1,300 slots across its spacious floor. McCarn does not provide any desktop games to go together with slots. Despite this, you may find more than enough slot machines. Other airports around the world also have gambling. In other words, the airport is a bit fitting. However, the industry has not transitioned to aircraft to transition this tolerance. The latter still uses the smallest entertainment option – gambling is not included. 

This is not a new idea.

 The idea of placing MINI Casinos on a plane is not completely new. The concept has been returned to the early 1980s. In 1981, Singapore Airlines tried the slot machine for a few months. During transient experiments, they made considerable money from the slot. However, they have encountered several key issues: 1. The game area is a very popular gambler block, Isley.

The lightweight machine quickly crashes. 

Regarding the latter, Singapore Airlines chose a lighter slot to avoid weighing the plane. Swissair tried a small game console in 1998. The airline has installed a small gambling screen on the player seat. This will be the idea of an aircraft casino before another airline floating. MICHAEL O’Leary, CEO of Ryan Airlines announced the company to the slot 2005 in 2005. One half a half, Ryanair still does not install the slot machine on a plane. How do the plane casinos work today? You can see that the casino on the plane is successful to date. However, since the last tried to run the Mile High Casino, I have been over 20 years. Today’s airlines may be better to run mini-casinos on its plane. First, today’s technology is better than in 1998 in Switzerland flight 111. Today’s technical personnel may encounter today’s successful entertainment system. The industry can also actually use financial push. The big popularity leads to many outstanding airlines losing billions of dollars. Slots will provide a way to solve these losses. In another airline, it seems to be just a matter before shooting in Sky High Casino. If so, they will undoubtedly see how they are different 新加坡合法网上赌场.